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Translation between languages is always difficult. Translation between languages of different families presents its own challenges. Furthermore, song lyrics do not always follow conventional syntax and are often deliberately open to interpretation. When translating, there is a balance between literal correctness (word-for-word translation), conveying the meaning in a natural way (sense-for-sense translation), and maintaining literary devices such as metaphors and effects of word order. If we add the fact that most translators of popular song lyrics are not professional interpreters, we can see that translations can have imperfections and mistakes.

Bear in mind that songs are for entertainment, and translation needs to be fun for it to happen. If the bar is set too low and subs are full of errors, then non-native speakers miss out on appreciating the intended meaning of the songs. On the other hand, if the bar is set too high, then very few works will be translated, and fans miss out on even more.

Although a lot of care is taken, the translations on this site are not guaranteed to be perfect. Any page marked "translation in progress" is likely to have errors. Please do not use or repost translations so marked unless you have independent confirmation of their reliability. If you are aware of a mistake or you can think of an improvement, then please contact the webmaster with the details.

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